Wondering which blackjack casino is the best, make your choice

If you are looking for the best site for an investment or with the highest house edge, then you are in the right place. We would like to offer you a couple of the sites with their description, all of them offer a choice of either downloading a program on to your computer or playing online blackjack. We would also like to give you a couple hints to put you on track to the winnings at the blackjack casinos.

Blackjack Casinos to Enjoy the Game

  • Amber Coast Casino

A site based on the latest Playtech software for the best and most modern gameplay available.

  • Swiss Casino

A place where you can make a fortune overnight.

  • 888 Online Casino

Begin staking your money with the help of a 365 gambling fest.

Blackjack Object

21 or a game by the name of Blackjack as it's called by gamblers worldwide is certainly one of the most famous card games to be played until this day in the blackjack casinos. The main target of the game is to reach a total of 21 points or as close as possible without going over the amount. In comparison to other card games this game is based on a competition with the dealer and not with the players unlike other card games.

At the beginning of the game the player receives two of his cards, and then he/she is meant to place a bet, upon placing the bet the dealer receives his 2 cards with one facing upside down. The icebreaker is the amount of points that each player has, if let's say one has 21 points from the beginning then he is automatically the winner, if not then he has the right to ask for more cards, in that case the winner is the one that came the closest to 21.


Make sure that you do not cheat as it is harshly punished in the casinos all over the world. The Pit Bosses have a keen eye for cheaters, they spot them in split seconds, and there is also an option of getting fined heavily or be legally prosecuted. Suit yourself, make a choice between a legit, breathtaking and interesting game or walk on the edge by trying to cheat the casino, either way you're in for a time well spent.