Blackjack game, its history and some secrets

With an excellent proposal of a great winning ratio, blackjack game became one of the most famous table games in the casinos worldwide. The house ratio is a miserly 0.5% when you have mastered the basic strategy. Speaking about winning ratios, the ratio in blackjack is probable as good as it gets when it comes to card games, which makes it even more attractive and interesting to play.

Surprisingly most of the gamblers don't even pay any interest to the existing strategies when they come to blackjack casinos. As experience shows a player with a functioning strategy hasn't been spotted yet. By taking shots at guessing the right strategy the players are giving the casino a gain of 2%, which means they are losing 4 times the amount they would regularly lose, basically it's considered pointless to play a game in such a manner.

Goal of the Game

The main goal of the game is to beat the dealer, it's usually stated as "not getting more than 21". The dealer can be defeated with even a sum of 12, which means that it's not too close to 21, the dealer can just go easily over. When you will begin playing it can be as easy as that, and that's all you need to know at the moment.

Bets and Deals

The game can be played with up to 7 people sitting at the same table, every player places their chips right in front of them. The cards are dealt by the dealer, 2 cards for a player, including to himself with one card hidden so you can make a guess of how good of a hand he can get. At the moment other hands don't make a difference, due to the fact that you are competing with the dealer.

The Game

The game begins with the player to the right of the dealer, and is continued by the players taking turns counter-clockwise, the goal is to dominate the dealer, without getting more than 21 cards. If you go bust together, it will be considered as a loss. Usually, experienced gamblers use such a strategy as card counting in order to increase their chances for winning blackjack game.

When taking a turn you have the following to choose from:

  • Hit. Take a card. You can take a hit as many times as you wish.
  • Stand. You will have to finish taking a turn and give the next player a try.
  • Double Down. Double the bet placed, receive only 1 more card and finish your turn.
  • Split. When you have two identical cards you can separate them into two hands, you will receive and extra card for each hand, after that you have a choice of hit or stand. Take into consideration that you have to double your bet in order to split your hand.
  • Surrender. An option that the majority of the casinos don't offer, it gave the player a chance to divide the bet in half and pull out.

After each gambler has taken their turns the dealer takes his/hers turn, the dealer later shows the second card in his hand that was previously hidden. The goal of the dealer is to receive cards he has 17 or more, the rules state that the dealer can't decide if he should hit or stand. If the dealer had a choice of hit or stand then the ratio would been so low that the game would have minimal chances of bringing income.