Rules to play blackjack

Blackjack is an easy game to play and the basic rule of this game is achieving a total point higher than the dealer but the total point must be equal or less than 21.

So you have to play against the dealer, other players of the blackjack table are not your opponent only the dealer is your opponent. You have to keep in mind that you are playing only against the dealer and your total card point can not exceed the 21 because if your hand point is over 21 then the hand will call as BUST and if you have BUST you will lose the game whatever the dealer hand point is.

Playing Procedures

1. At the beginning 1 card will be given to each player of the table and also to the dealer and the card will be faced up for players but faced down for the dealer and the dealer card is known as the HOLE card.

2. Then the 2nd cards are dealt to each player and that card will also be faced up.

3. The players of the table have the authority to ask another card which is known as the drawing card and each player can draw as many cards as they want.

4. When every player completes their hand and wants to hit then the dealer will draw cards to complete his or her hand and he or she asks to show the players hands.

You will win the game if your hand total is higher than the dealer hand total and you can also win if your hand total is not over 21 but the dealer hand is BUST that means the total is higher than 21.

If your hand total is equal to the dealer hand total then that will be called as the STAND-OFF and you will not win or lose for that hand.

If your hand is a BUST then the dealer will win.

These are the base rules of the game without some exceptions these rules remain same for each blackjack game whether you play in land based casinos or online casinos.

Card Values

1. The cards 2 to 10 have its same face value. That means if you have 7 and 9 then your hand point will be 16.

2. The honor cards KING, QUEEN and JACK have the value 10 for each.

3. The ace has a value 1 or 11 and it depends on the hand value of the players or dealer.

4. The joker cards are unusual for playing blackjack.

The splitting, doubling down, hit, insurance are the most common terms of blackjack and you must learn about these terms to play the game.