In this modern world you can not believe but the truth is there were many myths based on the blackjack and in the past in many casinos those myths were followed by the players and also by the casino owners. Those myths had many effects on the game as the describer of the myths but there are no scientific proofs for any of those myths. In this world you can also find some players who believe those myths but that is all wrong because there is no myth what has scientific value or proof and the result of the game only depends on your playing procedures and luck, there is no place for myths.

The Most Popular Blackjack Superstition

One of the most popular myths of blackjack is women brought bad lack for the result of the game. And for this myth, people did not bring woman with them and some casinos also had rules for bringing women with the players, even some casinos did not allow women to enter. Now, this myth has no value. Women enter and play blackjack in every casino and some casinos even have women dealers.

Though, if you check out the ranking of the blackjack players you will find a small number of women in the list. It is because women are not playing the game broadly because women love to play other card and casino games than blackjack.

If the player is a woman then she can get more odds and favors than a male player. The dealer and pit boss will consider more favor to her than a male player. The dealer will show more sympathy to the female player rather than the male player. Dealer will think that the female can not use modern card counting and other strategies to win the game and that is a plus point for the player. She can not be a real gambler like a male. These all things do favor for a female gambler and these can increase the odds to win the game for the female player.

The only one opponent

There was another myth and that is among the players of the blackjack, there is one player who is playing the casino not for his own. This myth has no value because, in blackjack, players do not compete with each other they compete with the dealer and dealer is the only opponent for each player.

If anyone plays for the house then his decision can not change other player's decision and that can't change the result of the game for each player. If that player plays for the house he will not double down, draw or split and ultimately it will help other players of the table to increase their chances to win the game not the dealer or house.