Card counting: what, who and when

We prefer the method of card counting to any other method mentioned anywhere else. It's really difficult to concentrate in Vegas while playing blackjack game, it's twice as hard to do without being detected, the Pit Bosses really dislike the fact of doing so, and might kick you out. It's also the method the students from MIT used to make a fortune.

Card Counting System

The idea of card counting is when the perspective of benefit changes as the quantity of the remaining cards declines, the ones left behind will increase your chance of benefit if the majority are high cards, and decrease the chances if the majority of the remaining cards are low cards. A lot of special counting systems can be found to use this strategy.

Assignment system

A value of +1 to the low cards such as 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 is assigned as they are played and -1 to 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The remaining cards are assigned to 0.

True Count

An important role plays the players estimation skill, for maximum efficiency you also have to reason with the amount of cards left in the deck, usually called a "True Count"

The determination of the True Count is based on the division of the current count by the amount of half decks that are going to be dealt in the next games.

To be on the winners' path you need to take advantage of the count when placing a bet. The true count can be used to help you in raising or lowering your bet, so it's obvious that you need to place a higher bet when the count number is at its peak to make use of the increased chance of a win.

Becoming good at card counting doesn't happen in a small period of time: MIT students had their problems also. Come to think about the majority plays Texas Holdem in order to make a profit, not to mention the great success of blackjack when speaking about profit.

Currently there are only a chosen few websites that can be counted, William Hill and a couple other Cryptologic websites. A multi-player game is a must if you wish to benefit for the cards not being randomly shuffled from hand to hand.