Edward Thorp is known as the inventor of card counting method and for many causes you can consider him as the modern originator of the card counting. The truth is that Ed Thorp isn't the real inventor of card counting and he isn't the 1st player to use this method in the real game. There are many proofs which show that there were many players who used different card counting methods to change the outcome of the game and had better success on the game.

Though, he isn't the inventor of card counting but he built many modern techniques of the original card counting methods to increase the accuracy of them.

Playing Blackjack to Win

This is one of the most popular books of blackjack. This book changed the regular thinking about blackjack and the strategies were changed after publishing this book. This book was first published in 1957 in the United States. This book was important on that time because this was the first written book that contained the first card counting methods of blackjack.

This book contained the card counting method 5 years earlier than the famous book Beat the Dealer of Ed Thorp. This book contained total 16 different strategies of blackjack based on the situation and card combination. Though, the card counting method of this book was the basic of the card counting era and the method could not change the outcome of the game and players could not fix their betting amount using this strategy but this was first written card counting method.

Other Card Counters before Thorp

There were many other blackjack players who used basic card counting system while playing blackjack in the casinos. These methods were named as the SYSTEM SMITTY, GREASY JOHN etc. on that time but these methods are not used in this modern world because of the less benefits and higher restrictions to win. You can not use these methods in most of the cases and these methods have many disadvantages. In his book he never described clearly about these methods but it is known that those methods could bring huge winnings if the situation was perfect for the method.

  • Jess Marcum, who was a nuclear scientist, also invented his own card counting system in 1949. He was an employee of the Rand Corporation but later resigned for his job to gain a lot by being a professional blackjack player and gambler.
  • Harold Smith Sr. was another famous blackjack player who invented his own card counting theory and he wrote and publishes a book about his own technique and strategy about blackjack and the card counting theory in the middle of 1961.