Alternate Carding counting is the amazing feature of blackjack and this system can increase the odds to win the game. The card counting is not an easy task to learn and you have to know and practice the system really hard to master this system. The outcome can not be always beneficial for you but for most of the time you can have better odds if you use the system in the right way.

There are many card counting systems on the market but you have to choose the most accurate systems of them. To check about accuracy of the card counting system you must know that if a card is removed from the deck, then the system must minimize that with the advantage of the player. The mathematical effect of the removed card is shown on the table.

If another card removed the deck them equal value will be applied but the value must be multiplied with 1.02 and then the result will be accurate. For the 3rd card you have to multiply with 1.04 and this process will go on for every card removing from the deck. Some alternate card counting procedures or systems are briefly discussed below:


This system is used for the tutorial and it values the lower cards (2 to 6) with +1 and the higher cards (10 and the aces) with -1 and so on.

Red Sevens

This is derivative system of the High-Low system. This is similar with the high-low except the red 7 counted as the +1 and the black 7 counted as the -1 so the all 7 has same value +.5 and if you think clearly then you can find that the rule is OK.

Green Fountain

Same as the High-Low but the 7 and 9 cards are not neutral as the High-Low. Though, 7 and 9 cards are not neutral but the effect of these cards is really low on the accurate result.

Uston Plus/Minus

This Uston system has great similarity with High-Low methods except minor changes.

Unbalanced Tens

This method counts every card without the 10s and the value of the 10s is 1. This method is easy to use but the result has less accuracy than other systems.

Wong Halves

This is another popular alternate card counting method and this method has the highest level of accuracy among those alternate card counting methods.