Website privacy

1. Our system's online gaming management complies with professional and highly ethical standards, so it can offer up a safe service to you. The Casino company handles every back office operation and system here. Its office can be found in Pieta, Malta, as follows: Suite 3 on 209 Marina Street.

2. Casino gives you security from various aspects within the system:

•Financial Security •Legal Security •IT Security

3. As such, Casino also has the license to offer up remote gaming with thanks to Malta. Casino does so with a normal license that has been issued to it according to certain online gaming regulations present in Malta. Because of this, Casino has to follow the regular procedures and policies issued to them, though with the ability to oversee any kind of gaming from and within Malta. Malta happens to be the very first European Union member country with an online gaming regulation, offering its players and the operator a complicated legal infrastructure, which other similar solutions offshore simply cannot match.

4. Casino always holds personal information as strictly confidential. Breaching this policy could still happen, though, provided Casino has no other choice because of the say of Governing Authorities or if you end up violating the rules of Casino.

5. You will be given an account number, of which you will choose the username and password. It would be your own responsibility to keep this information safe. If you think that somebody else has access to your information for any reason, you should get in touch with the customer service of Casino right away, in order to get a new password as soon as possible.

6. Every telephone conversation that occurs between you and any call center agent at Casino might be recorded.

7. Every communication online is recorded, as well.

8. You will be offered various transfer and payment methods by Casino.

9. Every now and then, credit card deposits might be fully or partially declined, depending on certain systems of security managed along with providers of payment solutions or financial institutions. These security measures might decline legal credit cards that simply cannot be processed at certain times. The staff of Casino has no control over these systems, after all, and they don't have any knowledge on why certain deposits might get declined, either.