Win Palace

In the year 2009, the Win Palace online casino was first started. This is one of the most reputable and reliable online casinos that care about their players and customers and in their life they never cheated their customers. They pronounced them as the NEW GENERATION of the online casinos.

In the shortest period of time, this casino gains a lot of fans among the gamblers from all over the world. In the ranking of the most popular online casinos it is in the 1st 10 names. This casino has a large number of casino games, the over all environment of this casino is really helpful for its players or users. This casino has a great support team to help their users with any difficulties.


Win Palace has a large collection of popular online casino games. It uses the RTG or Real Time Gaming platform software. The environment for each game is realistic and exceptional and the graphics quality is much higher than the normal online casinos.

Win Palace has 6 different casino games categories and the total number of casino games of its collection is higher than 100. They have different categories for card games and table games. They have more than 80 different types of slots including progressive slots where the prize money is much higher than any other online casinos.


Win Palace has a large number of bonuses. They provide welcome or sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, cash back bonuses etc for their players. They provide up-to 200% sign-up bonuses and the amount can be $1000 where if you want to play the slots then the bonus can be $3000 and 300% for the deposit. It has over 80 different types of slots with different environment and graphics.

If you use some special site to visit the casino then you will get $10 bonus but you have to use the special code this site gives you. If you deposit over $750 then your welcome bonus can be 200% and the amount can be up-to $2000. If you play blackjack you will get 100% bonus and the amount up-to $500, for video poker the bonus will be $500 with the rate 100%.

Loyalty Programs and Promotions

If you play regularly, you can get a number of promotions what will run for a long time. You can find information about the current bonuses and promotions by visiting the bonus and promotion section of the website. The ongoing promotion can provide 100% to 150% bonuses for the players.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

Win Palace has a secure and easy deposit and withdrawal procedure. It supports all types of credit cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. To get the 1st payout, players need to submit the faxback form.